By Danny Danon, Israel’s Former Ambassador to the United Nations
With a foreword by Nikki Haley

A book that tells the story of Danny Danon’s journey to the United
Nations and the public – and private – events that occurred during
the five years he served as Israel’s 17th Permanent Representative
to the United Nations.

About In The Lion's Den

Written by Israel’s former Ambassador to the United Nations, In the Lion’s Den, including a foreword by Nikki Haley, is a gripping personal account of the life events that encouraged Israeli government official, Danny Danon, to pursue his chosen career path in public service and make the move to become Israel’s 17th Permanent Representative to the United Nations. It is a book that brings to the fore Danon’s direct and principled approach to diplomacy and politics, even when this was discredited by his critics.

In the Lion’s Den draws on the unique perspective of a man who has spent his entire career in his nation’s public service. Danon shares his experiences on the front lines of Israel’s global presence––the successes as well as the disappointments. Danon makes a compelling case for an Israel that must be proud of its identity and faith; forge relationships with diverse peoples; make autonomous domestic decisions; and determine its own foreign policy. Danon seeks to unite where many look to divide.

In this book, Danon lays out a roadmap for Israel’s future on the regional and global stage and outlines the path Israel must follow in order to continue to make a positive contribution to global prosperity and peace and ensure its safety in a fraught region. As the Jewish state enters the next phase of its existence, Danon’s inspiring vision will help Israel fulfill the noble vision of its founders.

About The Author

With over twenty years experience representing Israel, Ambassador Danny Danon has developed a reputation as one of Israel’s most ardent defenders.

As current Chairman of the World Likud, Ambassador Danon leads Israel’s public diplomacy efforts on the world stage and conducts advocacy campaigns on behalf of Israel. He is instrumental in uniting Israel with world Jewry and with broader international communities. At the UN, Danon spearheaded numerous resolutions and efforts that changed Israel’s standing at the UN. He became the first Israeli to lead a UN committee when he was elected Chairman of the Sixth (Legal) Committee in 2016.

Danon has served as Deputy Minister of Defense and Minister of Science and Technology in Israel’s government. Earlier in his career, Danon was a member of the Board of the Jewish Agency for Israel, Chair of World Betar, and member of the Executive Board of the World Zionist Organization, where he led efforts to combat Antisemitism.

His first book, The Will to Prevail, was published to much critical acclaim. He is married to Talie and has three children, Aviad, Hila, and Shira.




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